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Review of the Maze Blade: a great smartphone for little money

The Chinese market is cheap but effective smartphone continues the victorious procession: the usual Meizu and Xiaomi will not cause any issues. But the giant country still produces and manufactures batches of the new model – and some of them are worthy of at least a separate review. Today we will analyze the Maze Blade smartphone, the screen of which you can naturally get lost in this maze.

Maze is a Chinese company manufacturing low-cost smartphones. Her previous Maze Alpha has already become a hit “for the initiated”; the Blade has all chances not only to catch up, but overtake and go ahead. Smartphone starts with an attractive box, inside of which lies, without exaggeration, a huge device. No joke, 5.5 inch – from this screen it is possible to ski.

By itself, the display is extremely high quality. Usually the budget segment of smartphones (and even Rabelaisian sizes) implies a low screen resolution: up to High Definition. Have a Maze Blade full HD 1920×1080 pixels. Thanks to the high resolution provides a clear, rich picture.

Looks Maze Blade deliberately simple – something like Sony is doing now. Rectangular “brick”, sharp corners, long, very long back panel, which is an ode to simplicity. Only the surface, the pupil of the camera flash and at the bottom the logo of the company – MAZE. Surface, by the way, the glass that not only looks elegant, but also fits the hand perfectly. Just remember the great iPhone 4. From the front looking at you Packed in all the same glass screen, and the bottom is a small fingerprint sensor. Nothing more, strict asceticism; fans of strict forms dedicated.

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This Executive inside the device beats a good by all standards, iron. See: processor eight cores with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. Against the habit of the mobile companies to build in the smartphone multi-core CPU can be a long laugh, but it is silly to assert that high performance hurt someone. For the graphics, by the way, answering quite a good graphics accelerator ARM Mail T720.

RAM three gigabytes – enough for all tasks. “Physical” memory built-32 GB, can be expanded through memory cards. The camera is built on technology Sony – rear sports a 13 megapixels, front – 8. The first is the system of optical stabilization and LED flash, the second diaphragm opens to f/2.0.

So much for “iron”. In terms of software Maze Blade will provide a number of interesting surprises. For example, a gadget can be controlled using gestures and simple drawings. Button fingerprint sensor does not only cover functions, but also provides quick access to content. Starting OS for this mobile – Android 6.0, the problem of “neuznovaemosti” will reach more soon.

What we have in the balance. A huge smartphone (these are sometimes called “phablets”), is made of noble materials, with cool camera, 8 core processor, interesting software chips and all this at an absolutely ridiculous price. At the moment the Maze Blade can be purchased for 6 to 7 thousand rubles here or here. Agree, great price for a camera of this level.

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