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Review of iOS 11: a big step for iPhone, one giant leap for iPad

On Monday in San Jose, the annual conference WWDC where Apple presented the new iOS 11. According to the company, OS “sets a new standard most advanced mobile operating system in the world.”

Update to the 11-th version was the most interesting and expected at the conference Apple. OS received some new features, and thanks to the support of the AR platform opens new possibilities for using augmented reality in games and applications. This is iOS 11.

iPad. Revealed in iOS 11.

iPad has always been a powerful device for work, play and learning. And iOS 11, you simply don’t recognize. With new features and capabilities of the iPad became more comfortable — he knows your preferences and to cope with the usual chores much faster. Do what you like. Now everything is in your hands.


Your documents will be collected in the new Files. Store, search and sort them in a unified application space. And for files that you recently worked, there is a separate place. But it’s not just about the iPad. You can easily open any documents, even if they are on other devices or in cloud services — iCloud, Box or Dropbox.

New Dock

The new Dock is a solid update for the iPad, and it available on any screen. To open files and switch between them with a single swipe. You can also add more to the Dock of favorite apps. As you use iPad Dock will become more personalized in the right part, you will be offered the apps you’ve recently opened on your iPad, as well as those with whom you just worked on iPhone or Mac.

Multitasking much better than

With the release of iOS 11 use the multitasking features will become easier and easier. Any additional application can be launched right from the Dock in the Split View, it will appear along with the current on a single screen. To Slide Over the second application can be moved to the left. And the updated application switcher will remember your preferences, to quickly get you back to the usual combinations with the help of App Spaces.

Drag and drop feature

Drag and drop feature is now available on iPad, so you can transfer text, photos and files from one application to another. It is designed with the features of this tablet and its large Multi-Touch display. So everything works like magic. Just tap one or more objects and drag them anywhere on the screen.

Apple Pencil

iOS 11 is already back to normal more versatile, powerful and convenient tool. He became useful for any tasks, from daily chores to creative revelations.

Instant markup: to Make notes in PDF files and screenshots has become easier and easier. Again — take the Apple Pencil. Two — touch display. Three record. Indeed, immediately

Instant notes: using Apple Pencil to jot down a memo directly on the lock screen. It will remain in the Notes app.

The figures in the text: using Apple Pencil to draw and take notes in apps such as Notes and Mail. And in Notes, typed text will automatically step aside to make space for your scribbles.

Scan and sign: a New feature of scanning documents into Notes automatically detects and scans the document cuts off all the excess around the edges, corrects irregularities and eliminates glare. Using Apple Pencil to sign documents or fill out forms, and then easily save files or share them.

Keyboard QuickType

Letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation are now on the same keyboard. So, you can forget about the constant switching — just swipe down on a key to select the desired character.

Augmented reality

iOS 11 is the first new platform ARKit opportunities and developing augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad. It combines the space around you with digital objects and working with this technology application, interact with the real world in a completely new way. Now these games and apps will become even more exciting and fascinating with them your world will never be the same.

the iPhone and iPad. A substantial improvement in the basic functions.

With the advent of iOS 11 your iPhone and iPad will become so smart that they can learn from you. Such able that will always find an individual approach to solving your problems. And so powerful that you will not be able to do without them.

Live Photos

Now Live Photos will be more expressive, more interesting and more fun.

  • Looped videos: Turn favorite the Live Photo in funny looped video. Select a picture yourself or use the recommended Photos.
  • The effect of “Pendulum”: the Live your Photo can be played forward and backward. Try it, it can be very funny.
  • Long exposure: Capture the beauty of movement. Achieve amazing effects which were previously only available on DSLRs. Turn the stars in the night sky bright line. And the waterfall to magically blurred stream.

Camera. Photos in an entirely new light.

The iPhone camera has a new filter professional level. The portraits are expressive, and the skin tone in the pictures more realistic. There are also filters that will process your photos in classic style. At the same compression technology of new generation allow to make high-quality photos that take twice less space.

Absolutely new App Store.

We’ve completely redesigned the App Store to help you find new favorite games and applications. Here you will find daily selections from our editors, and a separate tab for games, lists of apps by subject and more. This is the biggest event in the history of the App Store since the advent of applications.


All the fun nearby. Send your friends stickers and emoticons and games — enough to hold your finger on the pop-up panel applications.


IOS 11 the world’s most popular voice assistant will become even more useful. Advanced machine learning technology and special algorithms will help Siri to speak your language, using a more realistic voice.

Apple Music

Can rely on your friends to find new songs and artists.4 Their profiles in the Apple Music show playlists, which they share, as well as albums and the stations your friends are listening to often.

AirPlay 2. Sound with home delivery

New AirPlay 2 is a smart approach to managing your home audio system and speakers in different rooms.5 Select a song to play in the kitchen and in the living room, and then set your volume for each room. Or run the same track on all your speakers is perfectly in sync.


In iOS 11 it is possible to configure the updated control Point, adding the necessary functions and applications. Want to prepare for recording sudden ideas? Add the icon of the Recorder. Want to dim the lights in the living room with one tap? Add a House icon. Or use the 3D Touch control, and you will be available for more teams.

Lock screen

The lock screen is more convenient. To access the notifications, it is sufficient to touch the top of the screen and pull down. All recent and missed notifications will be before your eyes.

Mode “do Not disturb” for car

Now the iPhone will know when you are driving, and will not be distracted by calls, messages and notifications you will see them after the trip. And everyone who wants to communicate with you, you will automatically receive a warning that you are driving.


Card will always help you along the way: be it a big journey or a walk to a favorite restaurant. A focus on highway or in the corridors of the buildings is not difficult.

Keyboard QuickType. Typing with one hand.

What to do if in one hand, Cup of coffee, and the other iPhone? Tap Emoji and hold to select the typing with one hand and keys with the letters instantly move closer to the thumb.

Automatic configuration

Simply bring your new iPhone or iPad closer to another iOS device or Mac to import your personal settings and passwords from iCloud keychain. Quickly and safely. Simply put, a breeze.

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