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Review of dark themes in macOS Mojave – video

2018 at WWDC Apple introduced a new version of macOS with a dark interface. Tell more about how it looks and what’s wrong with it.

Customers have been asking Apple to add to their operating system alternative color scheme for a very long time. Finally, at least in the macOS display appeared.

Dark mode looks very impressive, plus greatly reduces eyestrain. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the Windows programs look a bit angular.

The problem starts when on the screen appear web sites and adaptive apps, which are now in the majority. Even proprietary software like Apple’s Pages, Keynote and Numbers. The same is true of most web pages. Almost all of them are done in bright colors, causing much distracting from the overall style and irritate the eyes after prolonged operation with black interface.

Those who are dark liked the topic, it is hoped that developers will respond to the update will provide Apple and their products alternative to black interface.

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