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Review headphones Philips Fidelio M2L with Lightning connector

Everyone who follows the news and rumors from the world of Apple are certainly aware that the company plans to abandon the classic 3.5 mm headphone Jack on the iPhone 7. If Cupertino really dare to take this step, then music lovers the logical question arises: “what headphones should I choose?”. Preparation for a possible rejection from the Apple minijack, offer you headphones Philips Fidelio M2L with Lightning connector.

In positioning the devices range Fidelio Philips places great emphasis on high sound quality combined with its practical design and carefully selected materials. Frankly, after watching the presentations of the speakers and headphones at the official site I couldn’t wait to open the box with M2L and try them live.


Packaging headphones in dark grey and black colours looks modest and careful. The image on the front side, it is clear that one of the main features of the device is the lack of a traditional 3.5 mm connector instead of the usual Lightning plug-equipped headphones to connect to iOS devices. On the other sides of the packaging describes the properties and technical characteristics, which we will discuss in detail in the review process.

Inside the box are the headphones themselves M2L, pleasant to the touch black faux suede cover and a booklet with detailed information on the technologies and a small.


First of all, it is worth noting the soft leather upholstery of the cushions that will definitely add comfort for prolonged use headphones. I admit, with such soft skin. Memory form pads close to the head, thereby achieving excellent noise insulation, which was successfully tested in the Moscow metro. Outside noise will not bother you not at the maximum volume level.

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The volume control itself in the form of a ring located on the right Cup. At first you have to look for the switch on the touch, but you get used quickly. The Cup in almost all its area is only one button to control playback. Inside the cups are 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets.

To the same Cup, which features all the controls, fixed wire length 1.2 meters. Cable-not the usual, pretty hard start and easier to bend only after a couple days of use. This is hardly a flaw, rather a feature that is beneficial to the durability of the cord.

The size of the headband of the headphones is adjustable and is securely fixed in position. Headband itself is metal, top leather, and bottom — artificial material reducing the sliding headphones on head.

In General, the gadget leaves a positive impression: mostly black, quality leather, metal and dense cable do their job.


For lovers of precise technical specifications will lead a full list of them:

  • frequency range: 7 — 25 000 Hz;
  • impedance: 16 Ohm;
  • sensitivity: 107 dB;
  • the diameter of the radiator: 40 mm;
  • maximum input power: 150 mW;
  • distortion: THD < 0.1%;
  • acoustic system: closed;
  • diaphragm: PET;
  • type of magnet: neodymium;
  • type: dynamic;
  • connector: Lightning;
  • compatibility: Apple iOS 7.1 and above.


Headphones Philips Fidelio M2L is designed specially for music listening on Apple mobile devices, as evidenced by the inscription “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad” and the Lightning connector. The testing I conducted with the iPhone 5s, Apple Music and VOX player to play FLAC files.

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Headphones are really encouraging lively and “juicy” sound with the integrated digital-to-analog Converter and a two-layer cups. High and MIDs are not lost absolutely in the General range of sounds. The bass is powerful, especially if you take the time you configure equalizer, but the bias towards low frequencies I didn’t notice: BassReflex system does its job.

To be honest, was expecting from these headphones “extravagance” in terms of battery life, but no unpleasant surprises on the battery could not be found.


The Philips Fidelio M2L is the case when high expectations are fully justified. Headphones sit perfectly, are made of quality materials and give a gorgeous sound. Despite not being the biggest size ear cushions, your ears will definitely be isolated from extraneous noise.

Do not be confused by non-standard connector. First, the manufacturer initially created these headphones for iOS devices. Secondly, the proliferation of mobile devices, Apple is so massively that called Fidelio M2L “niche” device is fundamentally wrong.

If you actively use “Apple” technology and love music, you’ll definitely love these headphones. The official online store Philips offers a model for 20 999 rubles.

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