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Revealed the secrets of the popularity of Apple

Apple is the most expensive in the world a public company. The famous bitten Apple, became one of the most recognizable symbols.

Products of the California giant is in great demand, millions of people around the world are real fantami Apple technology, carefully watching every novelty, anxious to be among the first buyers. What is the secret of the popularity of the “Apple” brand? Why devices such as the iPhone and Mac are so popular almost all over the world?

The answer to this question is quite difficult, because there is no unified theory of popularity, which would work in all cases. Analysts say the four reasons for the demand of Apple.

Apple is almost a religion

Indeed, over the years, Apple has become a religion from the world of IT. People don’t just buy a new iPhone, so many of them aspire to join a certain community. This attitude is important for popularity of any brand, and what about Apple in terms of creating a special aura of she is very successful.

Always at the forefront of progress

The main feature of Apple technology at all times was its uniqueness, it almost always is the most advanced product for its time, ranging from the first computers released by the company three decades ago, to the most modern iPhone and iPad models. The products of this company has always had very memorable and thoughtful design that strongly distinguished it from its competitors.


Apple brought the design of products to the level of art. The company breathed life into the most innovative and striking device of modernity – the creation of electronic devices. Designers speak of the “genetic code” of Apple products. Cars BMW, Audi or VW is easy to recognize and distinguish from each other by a special form of radiator grills. Some products have such distinguishing features are mostly for brand recognition. But in such complex objects like a computer, they also indicate the usual: a man who knows how to use product A will be able to use product B.

Apple design chief Jonathan Ive sticks to the same approach. “We are very pleased with our revenues. But we do not aim to make money. Let it sounds a bit frivolous, but it’s true. Our only goal that we are really excited is the invention of an ideal product,” he says.

It is known that in the early eighties “Steve jobs decided to revive Apple by using design.” The company’s founder was not only personally interested in design, but was convinced that it would help to allocate products among other personal computers, which in those days not far removed from the usual boxes.

The super secrecy

Policy of non-disclosure and strict confidentiality is one of the key principles of corporate life inside Apple. The company in an effort to protect their developments and innovations taking the most extraordinary measures. For example, confiscate all the equipment of journalists writing about prototypes, makes testers unreleased gadgets to send a special pin code every 12 hours and sends to its partners future trends in special boxes.

Brian Hoshi, a former Apple employees said: “having Worked at Apple for several years, I realized one thing — the need for secrecy ingrained in the corporate culture create revolutionary products. Choosing evolutionary markets, Apple wants to maintain maximum secrecy to keep competitors at a distance.

Who exactly provides this closeness I never knew. But I know that there is a specific structure consisting of people watching you almost everywhere. You work and understand that through your shoulder watching your work. And even minor violations are grounds for dismissal. But at Apple, nobody is afraid of such a thing as “fear” in the command simply does not exist. Just everyone understands the importance of their role and easily complies with all rules of the road”.

Sometimes leaks do happen — we all remember the forgotten bar iPhone. But where is the guarantee that he was not “forgotten” specifically to stir interest?

The Personality Of Steve Jobs

Apple founder Steve jobs for many has become a legend because he had a unique ability, he was able not just to market their products, but to some extent able to impose, even against his will. Is this bad? Probably not, as this approach to promote their own products on the market, greatly accelerated the progress.

In the beginning people started to buy PC and realized how convenient it is, they then began to buy an iPhone and realized that the phone can be not just a phone, it can also have a number of other features and capabilities. It is a unique skill of Steve jobs in many ways and helped Apple become so successful.

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