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Retailers warned about the possible price increase on the iPhone and iPad after the holidays

Last week, Apple raised the price of the smart watch Apple Watch in Russia, follows from the information in the online store of the company. Each of the two models of smart hours with 38 – and 42-millimeter shell at the same time has risen in price for 2000 roubles to 29 and 33 990 990 rubles, respectively. According to retailers in the coming weeks, one may expect a change in the value of other products of American brand.

A year ago, in December 2014, responding to exchange rate changes, Apple has also increased the prices of their products. Now for two months – from mid-October the dollar exchange rate increased by 13%. The representative of Inventive Retail Group (owner of the network re:Store) Ludmila Semushina, says that the price of Apple products, including watches, these stores are not increased. “The messenger” has not yet received information about the increase of the purchase price of the iPhone and iPad, said the representative of the network Maria Zaikina. Hadn’t heard about the price increase on these devices, and at “M. video”.

However “the Messenger” does not exclude that in a few weeks the price could rise. Everything will depend on exchange rates and the response by the producers, she explains. In any case, the retail prices for the products Apple will not grow in the next two weeks, says the interlocutor of “Sheets” in one of the retailers. Nobody is going to risk pre-sales.

Apple is always the first to respond to changes in the exchange rate, and other reasons for price changes usually no, unless the period before the release of new models, says Executive Vice-President of “Euroset” Victor Lukanin. In the case of the falling ruble rates, in his opinion, will raise all manufacturers. However, before January, this will not happen, predicts Lukanin.

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For cheapening their gadgets in the conversion of rubles into euros Apple reacts faster than the other, confirms the General Director Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov. However, the rise in price of the Apple Watch says about the imminent price increase on the rest of the company’s products. The main products are Apple’s iPhone and iPad, but their sales in Russia this year has fallen markedly, reminiscent of Pieces. Before the holidays, Apple wants to catch up and will have to restrain prices, predicts Pieces.

According to Euroset, in the first nine months of 2015, the share of iPhone retail sales in Russia year-on-year decreased from 10% to 7%.

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