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Retailers confirmed considerable demand for the new Nokia 3310

At the end of February at MWC 2017 the owner of the brand Nokia has introduced a new version of the legendary Nokia 3310. Updated unit, as we have seen, has nothing to do with a legendary ancestor, though it is €10 less than predicted. It has a different design and a different plastic. It’s safe to say that the first tests of strength will show a huge difference between devices.

This week the Dutch online retailer Carphone Warehouse has opened pre-orders for the new Nokia 3310 and shared the first results. According to the company, the demand for novelty was very high. Quantitative pre-orders, the store does not, but claims that the number of orders exceeded expectations.

Nokia 3310 is on sale for 59 euros. The buyer can choose one of four colors – red, yellow, blue or gray.

Indirectly confirm the interest in the novelty, and the details of the company Captify, which analyzes 30 billion online searches per month. According to their data, the queries associated with the Nokia brand, rose after the announcement 3310 to 797%. Most often users are interested in games, camera and battery life.

Restored version debuted in 2000, the phone resembles its predecessor, however, it became smaller and thinner. New Nokia 3310 works on mobile FOR Nokia’s Series 30+, has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen , 2-megapixel camera and a slot for SD cards.

Tellingly, the “remake” of the legendary Nokia 3310 is not supported by the American standards of communication networks. The device operates at 900 MHz in 2G, while, in the United States and certain other countries in these networks, operators use the frequencies 850 MHz and 1900 MHz.

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