Restored iPhone XR goes on sale

Restored iPhone XR goes on sale

On the American site of Apple, the restored iPhone XR appeared. The maximum will save 120 dollars – a little, but nice!

What are refurbished devices?

If in detail – here's a video for you:

In short: a refurbished device is a device returned under warranty, which was repaired, replaced the case and battery, gave a new one-year warranty and new accessories (wire, adapter and headphones).

What refurbished iPhone XR are available for purchase?

Now, the refurbished iPhone XR is only available on the US site of Apple, and it is unclear whether they will appear at all.

All colors and all memory sizes are available. Here's how much you can save:

Price refurbished
Price of new
iPhone XR 64 GB
499 dollars
599 dollars
iPhone XR 128 GB
539 dollars
649 dollars
iPhone XR 256 GB
629 dollars
749 dollars

Refurbished devices are ok, but not rebuilt by anyone, but officially restored by Apple. You get, in fact, a new device at a discount.

Refurbished Apple Watch, iPad Pro, MacBook, and even Mac Pro are also available:


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What do you think? Bought refurbished devices?

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