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Restored iPhone 6 Plus exploded in American in the pocket of his trousers [photos]

From a resident of Atlanta (USA) exploded restored iPhone 6 Plus. Gadget was in the pocket of his pants. At that moment, when he tried to get out the keys, he heard a loud Bang and the clothes ignited. Gadget is half melted, and the American almost got burns.

Participant of incident is named rocky told that at the time of the explosion, he was on the Parking lot. Approaching his car, he put in the trunk with bags of groceries, when he saw the smoke that belched from the pocket of his trousers. The user had no choice as to pull his pants down in the middle of a Parking lot near a huge shopping centre.

“Actually, it’s quite humiliating when you have to take off my jeans in the middle of the Park,” said rocky to Channel Two Action News.

The man was alive and healthy, and to claim compensation, he is not going to, but waiting for an apology from Apple.

“When I saw the smoke, I quickly undid the belt and took off his pants, – says the American. – I threw them away and turned away, for fear of an explosion. Smartphone burned the entire front pocket of my boxers and began to get close to my leg. But I realized it in time, so was not injured”.

American already has addressed with the claim to Apple. According to rocky, his iPhone last year was sold to another owner and then passed the procedure of recovery. The machine he purchased from his operator. Apple has promised to thoroughly investigate this incident.

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Earlier incidents with the explosion of the iPhone 6 happened as a result of deformation of the housing of gadgets. Last year, the smartphone caught fire from a resident of Arizona who was involved in a road traffic accident. The unit is highly deformed, which caused the ignition of the battery. The man immediately came to remove the device from his pocket, so he got on his leg a second-degree burn, as well as a few first degree burns.

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