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Residents of Ufa has sentenced to 7 years in prison for stealing iPhone for 500 000

In the regional center of Orenburg has pronounced the sentence to a gang of kidnappers of Apple’s smartphone. Four residents of Ufa to one of the shops of Orenburg stole iPhone in the amount of 322 000.

During the investigation, it turned out, the Quartet from Ufa specialized in stealing Apple’s technology, according to Ria56. They previously robbed the store with the technique of Apple in Penza. Threatening the seller of the cabin, the attackers broke a window, where he stole a mobile phone Apple worth 193 300 rubles. After committing the crime, all four fled in a car.

Later, two members of a criminal group committed a robbery of salon of cellular communication “Beeline”. Also, threatening the seller with violence and weapons, they stole the mobile phone of the brand Apple in the amount of 322 400 rubles.

As reported in Prosecutor’s office of Dzerzhinsky district of Orenburg, the court found the residents of Ufa guilty of robbery and sentenced to deprivation of liberty for a term from 7 to 3 years with regard to the circumstances of the crime, as well as data on the identity of the defendants.

Theft and robbery are not the only crimes to which the Russians go for the iPhone. Earlier it was reported that a Scam with the Apple smartphone has led to correctional labor. In the city court of Bratsk, Irkutsk oblast, has sentenced a young man for knowingly false denunciation about by force taken from his iPhone.

Before this a similar incident occurred in the Furnaces. For the sake of buying iPhone a resident of the city staged the crime: she invented the story about the theft of valuables, which had planned to lay in a pawnshop and get money.

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