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Residents of Rostov angered priestess of the temple with the gold iPhone 7

A resident of Rostov-on-don took video of the servant of the local Church, who was talking on his gold iPhone 7. The woman removed the money from the donations box. The entry was in the social network, where Internet users began to resent what he saw.

The record shows that as a woman with a white kerchief on his head and in a modest black jacket kneels on the floor in the Church and is looking for something in the bag while talking on the iPhone. The man shot a curious situation on video and posted it on the Network.

According to the author of the video, quoted by “Notepad”, the time of the conversation the servant had put in the bag the donations.

Users in Runet differently reacted to what he saw: “Well, she is now on the eighth iPhone will gather up and will have a new way to talk, She called the exchange and asked, what securities to invest better today”, “Now going to iPhone 8 Gold”.

Some reacted to the movie critical: “the Author, and an even greater fear is that the monasteries have computers and the nuns at their embroidery designs for vestments of the clergy are developing. The days when the Church technical progress denied long gone”.

The author of the video said that he came to the city from the Crimea and decided to go to the local Church. “Is it possible to talk on the phone in the temple? Never thought that Rostov could that be,” protested the man.

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