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Research: “smart” column Apple HomePod can be more popular than the Apple Watch

According to a survey conducted by the analyst firm Raymond James, “smart” column HomePod users more than Apple Watch at the start of sales. In addition, iPhone owners are more interested in Apple than in its main competitor Amazon Echo.

According to analysts, 14% of iPhone users ready to buy HomePod. A similar poll conducted after the announcement of Apple Watch, only 7% of iPhone owners reported intention to buy “smart” watch Apple.

As noted by Raymond James, together with 5% of users who want to buy column Beats, Apple managed to get ahead of “hyped” in the US smart column Amazon Echo, which is interested in 16% of owners of smartphones Apple.

Another poll conducted in June showed that out of 2200 respondents, 33% are interested in HomePod, but to get the column ready to just 9%.

Newer studies show that the number of users of Apple technology who are ready to buy HomePod has increased to 17%.

“Smart” column Apple was presented at WWDC 2017. The device is equipped with a powerful subwoofer of its own design, as well as seven tweeters with separate amplifiers for high-quality transmission of high frequencies.

In HomePod technology is used determine the orientation in space: the device “knows” which part of the room it is and based on your location and adjusts the sound.

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