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Research: development of applications for Windows Phone are more profitable than iOS and Android

Mobile advertising network InMobi has announced the results of a survey of over a thousand developers from around the world, according to which Windows Phone has become the least popular operating system for building apps, but at the same time the most profitable in comparison to competing mobile platforms.

According to InMobi, the share of Microsoft among the total number of the created software is 21%, against 57% in iOS and 86% for Android. However, this does not prevent programmers to make the creation of programs for Windows Phone much more than Apple and Google.

In particular, the average earnings of an applications developer for Microsoft operating system 11 is 400 dollars a month. For comparison, for the creation of programs for iOS programmers earn on average 8 a $ 100, Android – 4 $ 900 a month.

Analysts believe that a higher price tag for the work due to low popularity of the Windows Phone and weaker competition among developers. However, this situation may change in the near future due to the concept of universal Windows apps, as well as due to easier porting of software from other OS.

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