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Repair in the official service center Apple may not be affordable to most Russians

Apple until the end of April needs to open Russia’s first official authorized service center with a full cycle service. This decision was the result of a long judicial and Antimonopoly proceedings which were initiated by the Russian Dmitry Petrov.

According to observers, the repair in one service center Apple may be too expensive for consumers. This opinion, in particular, holds a well-known blogger Valentin Petukhov.

“I think the forced opening of the service center and spare parts supply to our market does not affect the warranty, no warranty on the repair. Today, the company is offering to exchange the device with some serious defect on the new surcharge. After you open one service centre in Russia, perhaps the repair will cost as much as a fee when replaced. And then the question arises that the consumer is more interesting”, – he declared on air of radio station “Moscow FM”.

About Apple’s plans to open the first full service center stated on the eve of the company’s representative at the meeting in Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). Dmitry Petrov was denied repair broken screen on the iPhone 6 Plus due to the fact that in Russia no original components for such work. He was offered to buy a similar spec smartphone and pay 22 000. The international Apple website offered to non-warranty repair of the screen iPhone SE for $129 (about 7500 rubles).

The law “On protection of consumer rights”, which was referred to in their claims Petrov, obliges the manufacturer to provide repair and maintenance and supply of spare parts during the production life of the product and after removing it from production during the period of his service. This time for iPhone is 5 years.

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Prior to the opening of the service center of Apple provides only a partial out-of-warranty repair devices. If the user wants, for example, to replace the screen, he changed the entire device. In contrast, smartphones that are sold in Europe, USA and parts of the Asian countries, by contrast, have the full service support of the “Apple” giant, and also supplied with a worldwide guarantee.

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