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Renowned developer went with the Apple Watch on the mechanical watch

The launch of the first “smart” hours from Apple, of course, cannot be called a failure. The device’s popularity is growing every month, and the level of satisfaction of users of the Apple Watch may be the envy of any model on Android Wear. However, the device’s capabilities do not always meet the expectations of users. Among them was a well-known developer Marco Arment, who calls the Apple watch “tangled”.

In his blog, the developer admitted that buy Apple Watch sparked interest in traditional mechanical watches, which he “successfully switched from Apple product”. On the website he shared some of the shortcomings of “smart” timepiece.

“Apple Watch can put you in a deadlock. In appearance they resemble tiny iPhone than confusing, because the interface and the applications they similar to that on the Mac. Watch has potential, but right now it is slow and rather clumsy device. They can be excellent in three areas – notifications, activity tracker and time management, – if he worked more reliably and were much better. Probably, someday they will be.

To make a great device, the company needs to reconsider Apple Watch, perhaps even reducing the functionality, but worked in details the most important aspects. Signs that Apple is moving in this direction yet, but, as they say, never say never,” wrote Arment.

The developer noted that hours now there is no 3G module and supports simple operations: copy, cut and paste. The very first iPhone, by the way, was the same problem.

The author makes an interesting point about the function of the Apple Watch face:

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“Particularly frustrating function view the current time on the Apple Watch. Like some other, is not very good. Device screen is off as long as you do not tap it or raise your wrist. But sometimes the watch does not detect movement and you just stand and look on or off the display. After that you have to again lower and raise the wrist, hoping no one sees you at this moment.

Even if the watch worked perfectly, then you will witness the millisecond-scale delay between the moment a show of hands and activate the screen. Compared to check time on your smartphone is just a moment, but if you are used to read the time using traditional clocks, even a fraction of a second will seem an eternity”.

Arment believes that because of these shortcomings of the Apple Watch has not yet become a separate line in the financial report of Apple.

“I laughed when last year I heard the words of the head of TAG Heuer, who said that young people after will try “smart” models will switch to a real clock added Arment. But now I think that maybe he was right.”

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