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Remember the movie — film lovers dedicated

There are games that can pull of any, despite the lack of advanced graphics and intricate story. Moreover, plunge into a simple but fascinating gameplay possible in any place and at any spare moment. Such projects suitable for any user, regardless of gender, age and experience of owning a smartphone. And now I will tell you why.

To get started quickly get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. The whole process actually happens on one screen in the center of which depicts a scene from some movie, and just below is a field to enter a set of letters from which we must be the name of y films. The elements on the left are responsible for selecting the desired tips, you will easily learn after the initial training. But the set of buttons helper for tips on the opposite side, as it turned out, it’s much more interesting.

First, there are immediately visible social component of the project “Remember the film”. Besides looking at the rating of players in the Game Center from the main menu, with the help of a special button you can share the riddle with your friends on social networks, for free in exchange for in-game currency. Secondly, you can display a brief text description that will help to guess the name of the movie.

Finally, thirdly, what I liked the most — button playback of a short snippet from the soundtrack, often with the dialogue of the characters. It would seem, how simple-minded thing! But during playback from the familiar Filmstrip is very nice to hear her sound theme.

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The game is divided into several levels with constantly increasing difficulty level. After the transition to each next level the player is given free 1-2 tips. If your attempts to solve the name will come to a standstill, and the usual set of tips over, it is possible to acquire new, you real money through in-app purchases. By the way, the game currency can be obtained totally free by watching the promotional video.

But to accumulate coins on a thematic bonus levels is much harder. Thematic levels are marked with gold color. At this point in the game there are two: based on the TV series and movies on comics. In each thematic level 20 mysteries (normal levels are 8 of them), which are designed for lovers of specific subjects.

As a result, I decided to highlight three, in my view, an undeniable plus “Remember the film”. The main thing is that this game is very easy to find a time and place unlike the world-renowned major projects. Quietly play in long queues or long trips without network connection.

If you or your friends love movies, I love to check your knowledge. “Remember the movie” are available in both App Store and Google Play.

And best of all, this game can serve as a great way to start a conversation with another person. If you want to talk somebody, but don’t know where to start, then turn on the imagination, choose a riddle and ask a potential companion or companion help you. I’m sure the movie will not leave anyone indifferent.

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