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Released unofficial WhatsApp client for Mac

In the beginning, the creators of the popular messaging service WhatsApp has launched a version of the service that runs in the browser. At the moment, the web client works in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Developer under the name Stonesam92 has released an app for Mac that allows you to send WhatsApp messages without opening your browser.

To use the messenger on the Mac you need to download the app WhatsMac. Free open-sorny the project is compatible with the operating system OS X Yosemite.

After starting the program you need to scan a QR code on the page through the app WhatsApp on your phone, so you can do completely without a mobile device will not work. The developers explain the need to confirm numbers.

For iPhone users still have the restriction: to use WhatsMac only on jailbroken devices (more on that here). “Out of the box” verification works on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia S60. The lack of native support for Apple’s platform due to the limitations of the OS. What exactly is this limit is not specified.

Interestingly, WhatsMac uses a mobile device not only to confirm the number. The application determines the battery level on the phone and if the battery went flat, it becomes unavailable.

Download WhatsMac free on this page.

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