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Released the mobile version of Windows 10

After a long wait Microsoft finally released its new mobile platform Windows 10 Mobile. The first smartphone, on which an update is available, Lumia 640 has become.

Device purchased through T-Mobile in Europe, had the opportunity to update to mobile Windows 10. The spread of mobile “tens of” is “in the air”. In other regions and other operators update should come pretty soon.

Windows 10 Mobile supports a universal Windows application that can work both on desktop devices and on mobile. The operating system introduces a new notification center, a partially modified the design of the interface, the function of recognition of the owner Hello Windows and other innovations.

Originally, Microsoft promised that Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 will be coming out in December 2015. In the last month of the year, however, the company announced that the device will receive an update no earlier than 2016.

Microsoft was sure that in December it will be able to roll out an update for Windows Phone 8 that will turn the system into Windows 10 Mobile. However, these plans have not come true — the update was postponed.

Microsoft plans to release an app Upgrade Advisor, make it easy to update to the latest version of the mobile platform. It is assumed that it will help to find out whether Windows is compatible smartphone with Windows Mobile 10 will offer users several options that simplify the management process.

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