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Released a public beta version of Reeder 3 for Mac

The developer of the popular RSS reader called Reeder began beta testing the third version of its app. To take part in it all computer owners running OS X Yosemite.

Reeder 2 has appeared on the virtual shelves of the Mac App Store in may this year. The program automatically picks up subscriptions, downloads, headlines, summaries, and allows you to view the full versions of the publications in the program window. In addition, the Reader is able to download the news in the cache, so that later they can be read without Internet connection.

Utility supports different modes of viewing content, the mechanism of hotkeys to quickly switch between records and other functions up to filter RSS feeds with consideration of interests.

In the third version of the Reeder developer focused on visual improvements. In particular, changes were made to the user interface: from the top of the window disappeared from the control panel, and the overall style of the reader became more consistent with OS X Yosemite. The developer added new themes, support for private web surfing and counter unread and marked articles for “smart” folders, facilitating the tracking of news.

Work on Reeder 3 is not completed yet, but everyone can already download the beta version of the project. Until the author is ready to name the specific timing of the appearance of the new version in the Mac App Store. However, we already know that all users of Reeder 2 can be updated to a new version of a “reader” for free.

Download Reeder 3 for Mac Public Beta at this link.

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