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Released a large update to Google Play Music with a new design and the function of selecting the music for your mood

Google announced major updates to the application Google Play Music. The mobile client has become much smarter: it now uses machine learning algorithms and automatically selects music according to the mood of the user.

Thanks to the recordings, use programs and motion sensor Google Play Music knows what the smartphone owner, and offer him suitable music. For example, if the person is at the gym, the application will include tracks. suitable for sports training.

Playlists will be selected depending on several factors: the user’s location, activity and even mood. Also, the new algorithm will recommend the songs that are popular in their city.

Google Play Music provides access to a database of songs from an online library, allows you to download tracks and listen to them online. “Full access to Google Play Music – millions of tracks and radio stations and playlists to any taste. Whatever type of account you use, with Google Play Music for iOS you can listen to music anywhere. Music collection stored on the server, so no need to worry about syncing or free space on the device”, – told in Google.

The cost of a subscription to Google Play Music is 159 rubles per month. The update is already available for smartphones running iOS and Android.

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