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Release the first major update of Windows 10 will be postponed to the end of autumn

The first major update of Windows 10 called Threshold 2 should have been released in October 2015, i.e. three months after the final release of the operating system. However, according to available information, the release was postponed until the end of autumn.

According to participants of the Windows Insider program, a new release will get the minimum number of innovations. Microsoft sought to increase browser performance Edge and is working on extensions support for him. It is also expected new universal messenger, which can be smart to filter messages from multiple sources.

Even with the changes shown above Threshold 2 will not be a major update — its main purpose is elimination of errors in the operating system and performance improvement.

It is noted that users will receive the update as “Windows 10 Update for November” or “Windows 10 January Update”, which emphasizes the absence of any radical changes.

Next year awaits the debut of Windows 10 Redstone larger update with new features and capabilities.

Earlier this week it was reported that released on July 29, OS captured 5,21% global market share, ahead of Windows Vista and Windows 8. At the same time, free distribution model is not yet enabled Windows 10 to surpass OS X. According to StatCounter the new platform still lags behind the Apple operating system, which now accounts 8,17%.

Analysts predict that in the coming months, the share of Windows 10 will grow at a more modest pace.

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