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Reissue of the legendary adventure games Full Throttle was released on iPhone and iPad

The App Store debuted the re-release of Full Throttle – updated adventure game from Tim Schafer, released back in 1995.

The game was first announced in 2015. late last year released the debut trailer for the project, which indicated that the game is from the Golden age of LucasArts was nicer to the eye, while retaining all its distinctive features. And now Full Throttle Remastered became available on iOS devices.

Graphic of Full Throttle had morally become outdated — without tears of compassion on this game today can only watch fans. That is why the re-release means a complete manual redrawing the whole visual part. Full Throttle Remastered received a new manual rendering, 3D images of high resolution.

Of course, the audio is also brought up to modern standards, improved the quality of all the sounds and music. The re-release Full Throttle supports high resolutions.

In the game there is a possibility right during the game to switch between classic and updated version of Full Throttle, choose a more pleasant version of the audio and graphical interface.

The game includes conceptual drawings of Peter Chan and audio commentaries by the creators of the original project.

Download Full Throttle Remastered for iPhone and iPad by clicking this link. The game will cost 379 rubles.

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