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ReiBoot allows you to withdraw iPhone out of recovery mode with one button

For iOS devices there are countless programs: paid and huge combiners like iPhone Care Pro and it is tiny utility that address plus or minus one problem. That’s good – the more versatile the software is, the better; a wide selection helps to solve a variety of tasks under different purse. There is another interesting program, whose function is fairly certain – but no less important. ReiBoot will help you tobring your device out of recovery mode.

It works quite simply: you launch the software, connect your iPhone (iPad, iPod touch) to your computer. The program identifies your device, and then asks what to do. There is a window with two options: to exit Recovery Mode or enter Recovery Mode. You click on the desired option, then ReiBoot within minutes of all makes. It’s pretty simple – the program will understand and old, and small.

Why would you even need recovery mode? Well, if you unsuccessfully updated, the iPhone has frozen, stopped working, only shows Apple, jailbreak did not go as planned – in short, a million reasons due to which your expensive device turned into a brick. ReiBoot is certainly not a panacea for all diseases, but the most popular method of treatment – reload the OS – allows you to realize in just a minute. The and valuable.

It should be noted that ReiBoot supports almost all models of mobile line of Apple. The iPod touch fourth generation to the latest iPad. From ancient iPod Nano to iPhone 6s. No one will remain in the loser. The same goes for versions of iOS from 6 to the latest iteration of “nine”.

And, finally, the decisive argument ReiBoot free. Exactly. We already wrote about iPhone Care Pro, which allows you to literally gut your phone, throw out the unnecessary and put everything back. And here it is worth the money – almost $30. ReiBoot is, of course, has a hundred times less functionality, but who don’t need any bells and whistles, and requires one simple function – to ReiBoot is great to help.

Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac.

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