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ReiBoot: a program that allows to solve most of the problems with the iPhone “one-click”

Lately the iOS operating system is becoming more complex in terms of settings and features, and devices based on it – iPhone or iPad – more powerful and more productive. While Apple continues to show extremely poor readiness for various kinds of systematic errors: in practice, many problematic things preserved and transmitted from generation to generation. While more complicated is the platform and working with her device, the greater the likelihood that there are any unexpected failures, which can lead to problems in the operation of the device, including the incompatibility of applications with the operating system “message killer” on or off the smartphone video.

Of course, each of you ever met any problem when you connect, sync or update your iPhone and iPad. The first thing the user does when faced with failure – looking for similar options and solutions to them on sites and forums on the net. Unfortunately, the Internet is not always possible to find the right information and fix the problem. Therefore, if you encounter another error on iPhone, iPad or iPod, you should download ReiBoot. A new app from the company Tenorshare is intended to relieve mobile devices from most of the problems.

The essence ReiBoot is quite simple – the utility evaluates the condition of the device at the software level and selects a possible solution. If it is, it returns the device to its original state. On the service page the program can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac, as well as to see with what she can do.

The first thing to show the developers how in just a few seconds to put the device into Recovery Mode and back. If you need to update the device or “roll backup” or bring it out of this mode without losing data, ReiBoot allows you to do “one-click”. For this you need to download the package, install it on your computer or laptop and then connect your device and click “translate into Recovery Mode” or “withdraw from Recovery Mode”. Under statements of developers, the program works with the device as gently as possible and does not cause any problems. Judging by the reviews, this feature of the program really works.

In fact, ReiBoot allows to solve most problems anyway user experience – with no data loss and forced reboots. Among them, cyclic rebooting iPhone and iPad, the message “connect to iTunes”, blue/black screen, infinite DFU mode, and others. To do this, find the section and follow the instructions.

The program is free, but its basic functionality is fairly limited – only the ability to work with Recovery Mode. If you want to access more advanced features like the solution of the most common problems with iTunes or a problem with the software, you will have to purchase the Pro version ReiBoot for $30. Version for $40, opens up greater opportunities for acceleration devices, backup without connecting to iTunes, ad blocker. In General, it’s worth a try – the program is interesting and should help those who can’t solve problems with their hands.

Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac.

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