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Refusing 3.5 mm audio Jack, Apple decided to install better quality speakers in future iPhone

Developers of acoustic design for mobile devices are faced with a difficult dilemma: to make the sound louder and of better quality, the speaker needs to be more. At the same time, manufacturers strive to make gadgets as compact as possible. Solution find the experts of the company Apple, which has zapatentovana a new type of loudspeaker for iPhone and iPad.

Creating a compact device, the most reasonable solution is to build portable dynamic heads. But, as a rule, the sound is powerful, the physical speaker size should be more small speakers sound quiet, large and occupy valuable space inside the case. Apple engineers a simple and elegant solution: the speakers will reproduce the sound based on the internal components of the gadgets. Because of this, they can be small in size, but much more powerful.

“Audioelement can be drivers (i.e. speakers) or receivers (i.e. microphones). Within the environment of the acoustic element can be attached or connected to the intermediate structure (for example, flexible electrical substrate) that let the air through. In another environment, audiocamera may be shaped to direct the sound between the external surface of the housing and a flexible electronic substrate is attached to the sound element”, – stated in the description of technology.

In other words, any empty space inside the iPhone will be used to improve the volume and sound quality, and the components of the smartphone, like the motherboard or the chlef will be part of a speaker system. Thus increasing the volume of the speakers in your smartphone, in Cupertino intend to increase the volume and sound quality of the iPhone and iPad.

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In the patent, Apple considers a variant with the installation of stereo speakers in their mobile devices, and the use of similar technology for microphones.

In other words, the manufacturer has no plans to be limited to one only with the exception of the 3.5 mm audio Jack of the new iPhone in favor of Lightning and Bluetooth. In combination with new technology speakers Apple will position the iPhone as a future ideal solution for lovers of quality sound.

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