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REDDEN – to translate arrows

The most successful taymkiller built around one idea (a bird in the air, figures with figures)– that is enough to shoot powerfully. In the game the REDDEN idea too, in fact, one is your character launches into the air throwing weapon, and so you bring her to the goal. However, this fuse will be enough to keep you at the screen for several hours.

Ninja, shrouded streaked the air, deftly throws the shuriken – projectile is flying itself, but the direction vector you specify. The ultimate goal is some kind of unpleasant character, probably evil. Between it and initial point: a few obstacles. Your task is to bypass all elegantly fly to the enemy somewhere in the sore spot (preferably in the head count but, naturally, everyone – including the pinky toe).

The problem is complicated by the fact that the speed of the launched projectile falls – need to pick up a tailwind. It is not enough, and even more common counter – and then the shuriken may not reach anywhere. Still have a couple of nuances. Because the obstacles are sometimes very, um, thick (people, walls), you can apply something like a superpower by holding the special button. The energy produced at the wind and dissolves, but with proper use it will last.

That’s all on this simple idea keeps the game. Of course, there’s a lot of hoopla ranking for the stars, but the backbone is quite primitive. However, REDDEN pulls to the rank of something more than a normal game, not the gameplay – and the world around her.
REDDEN damn beautiful. Monochrome world, where accidentally spilled a couple of drops of red – vecerova, veneficia reception. Here everything is beautiful: the energy of the projectile before, though crooked, but fascinating incident officer, slain by our shot. The poetry of death, as it is.

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By the way, about the bullets. The game has some semblance of the story – not the plot, namely change. You begin at a nameless son of an Indian tribe – shoot, of course, archery. In the second Chapter of the ninja, hurling their deadly stuff. Finally, Chapter three – the era of weapons, so you killed it already with a piece of lead. Apparently, all three characters are interconnected, and their revenge is shade blood.

REDDEN is around 170 rubles – quite an impressive amount for a transient (and the game is quite short) game. But inside not need to buy anything – and it is a rarity for this genre. The Russian language, by the way, no, but it doesn’t.

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