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RED showed a prototype of its smartphone for $ 1200

In early July, RED announced that it is developing a modular smartphone with a holographic display for $ 1,200. The company invited the famous blogger Marcus Brownlee (MKBHD) and I showed him some prototypes of the smartphone.

Representatives of RED showed three prototypes. First — broken layout of the smartphone, which gives an idea about the final design of the smartphone. The second prototype shows the possibility of a holographic display. The third prototype is detachable PV panel.

From the video, it became clear that the smartphone is huge. He’s more the iPhone 7 Plus. Fingerprint scanner built into the lock button located on the right. Just below is a dedicated button for quick activation video. On the front located stereo speakers, and on the back cover, which is made of Kevlar, is located dual camera.

Unfortunately, Marcus had to cover up part of the video, which shows a working prototype with a holographic display. But judging by his reaction, the technology is at least interesting. He Brownlie said that he was showing content that was shot specifically for this phone. He was shown a 2D video converted to 3D. He says that the screen creates a stunning 3D effect, but the technology is not perfect.

The blogger also showed a prototype of the PV panel, which has a great lens and its own sensor. Marcus said that a working prototype of the smartphone will be ready in 35-40 days, so we will continue to wait.

Source: The Verge

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