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“Really, it works!”: journalists conducted an experiment with waterboarding iPhone 7 in the Yakut lake

One of the most talked about news this week was a video save-the iPhone 7 Plus, lain on the bottom of the reservoir 13 hours. Users in a Network divided into two camps – those who believed and those who considered the video a fake. Journalists Yakut edition of the News.Ykt decided to repeat the experiment and find out the truth.

Early in the morning on January 26, armed with an ax and a crowbar, a group of experimenters went to the lake Sergeli. After the hole was drilled, it was found that the depth is not enough. A video in which a fisherman drowned iPhone 7, the depth, according to him, was 2.5 meters. On Sergelyakh after several attempts, the required depth could not be found.

We decided to go to the basin of the Lena river, located on the territory of the city beach. The thickness of the ice there was at one and a half meters and to drill the hole was not so easy. When the hole was ready, the iPhone 7 was placed in a mesh and attached to the meters, after which the gadget was lowered into water to a depth of 2.5 meters. Time – 9:00. The phone, the charge of which amounted to 35% (as in the video) was to be conducted in the river for 13 hours.

By evening, it turned out that the tape metrovke frozen into the ice, as the hole tightened. While trying to fight off the ribbon scrap she almost broke… In the end decided to build a pole with a hook – like fishing hook.

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Futile attempts to pick up the tape with a hook failed, and then led to the loss of the instrument. Almost desperate to get the gadget out of the water in the hole “for luck,” he threw a rope with a hook…

Fortunately there was no limit, the hook caught the tape, and after a moment, the Apple product that stayed in the water for 13 hours, was in the hands of experimenters in absolutely working condition.

Time – 22:00. It is remarkable, but the charge of gadget decreased only 10% and was 25%. Not without its mystics throughout the day, being under water at a depth of 2.5 meters, the smartphone is called periodically on a variety of numbers, including foreign, and also took calls.

In the end, as we found out empirically, the iPhone 7, the instructions which allow underwater for hours, maybe to feel comfortable in cold water much longer.

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