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Realistic concept of the iPhone 8, which is really worth seeing

After the presentation of the smartphone Galaxy S8 Apple will not be easy to surpass Koreans the bar in terms of design of the future flagship. But the Corporation of Cupertino is simply no margin for error. We’ve already seen many concepts of the iPhone 8 frameless, which demonstrate the fantastic design new items coming.

It is expected that the iPhone 8 will be the first significant change from the point of view of the design for a few years, because, in fact, the latest model of the Apple smartphone, which is seriously different from the present family, this iPhone 5s release in 2013.

The future flagship will be slightly curved OLED display “edge to edge” with integrated Home button. It is believed that Apple is planning a technology of recognition of fingerprint integrated in the smartphone display. In addition, it is assumed that the bottom of the iPhone will be a “functional area” like tabaru on the latest MacBook Pro.

Concepts of future iPhone 8 is already quite a lot, but particularly impressive variant of the Iranian designer Emad Rahimi. In rendering demonstrates the device with “unlimited” screen and built-in screen by Home button. The intent of the Creator of the concept, all communication with iOS 11 will be realized through the software keys.

iPhone 8 is equipped with an advanced 5.8-inch OLED display, characterized by bright and vibrant colors. The Iranians decided to equip the phone with the scanner of the iris, increasing the security of user data.

iPhone 8 should be the biggest update of “Apple” smartphone in history, Apple is laying great hopes on him. Earlier it became known that the company has ordered 92 million OLED panels in order to not experience a shortage on the novelty.

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