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Razer trolls Apple for lack of SD card slot in new MacBook Pro

Last week Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro, which was devoid of many user-requested interface connectors. Razer has teased about the competitor, indicating the absence of SD card slot for a “professional” laptop with macOS.

As reported Game2day, on the official Twitter page of the company appeared the following message: “this is called a Pro? With my X” (in the original, plays with the acronym SD – approx. ed.).

The message provoked a strong reaction among both professional media and user community equipment. Judging by the number of likes and retweets, users appreciated the joke from Razer. On the other hand, in the joke about the SD slot can be seen as a direct insult towards Apple and its new developments. Such behavior in business is considered unacceptable.

A few hours later the tweet was deleted from the Razer page. Then representatives of the company apologized in front of the Apple.

Note that recently Razer introduced the “radical” model of laptop Blade Pro. 17-inch device in a metal housing that can compete in performance with the top-end MacBook Pro, got a 4K display and powerful graphics subsystem. Apparently, Razer believes the Blade Pro a competitor to the MacBook Pro.

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