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Rational buy: how to correctly use the space for a 16-Gigabyte iPhone

Starting with the iPhone 3GS all smartphones Apple in minimal “configuration” are supplied with drive 16 GB. And if in 2009-m year, this amount of memory to score before the failure was very difficult, in 2015 this space on the flash drive few enough. Today the vast majority of smartphone buyers seeking to get at least 64 GB of memory. To put up with 16 GB of ready not all. Such a device is not too comfortable: you have frantically to remove something in trying to carve out a couple of hundred megabytes. But what if when you buy the already expensive iPhone 6s is not possible to pay extra for the extra Gigabyte of memory? The way out of the situation.

Let’s start with the fact that Apple is indirectly admitting the fact of a shortage of 16GB in modern devices. In favor of this say and iPad Pro, and the new Apple TV. Each of these devices has a basic configuration with the drive to 32 GB. What prevents the manufacturer to add the same SSD”bar” in iPhone? The reason is clear as day. From a financial point of view, the gradation in 16/64/128 GB is much more favorable. The jump in price is as much as $100, which brings additional revenue, because many people choose average and maximum modification. Do Apple minimum value memory in the iPhone 32 GB, bestseller, no doubt, would be this model. But do not rush to go to the Bank for a loan, the following article will offer several ways to save precious space on your iPhone and iPad.

Of course, the miracle did not happen, insert the SD card into gadget will not work. But knowledge of a few basic principles of working with iOS will greatly simplify your life and reduce costs.

The educational program will begin with the new operating system iOS 9. Few people noticed that the update is only 1.3 GB of free space. While “eight” weighs 3 GB more. Very nice excuse to upgrade to a new software platform. IPhone 6s will receive the latest OS pre-installed. Significant “relief” iOS will provide additional space for data storage. By the way, the system can delete the application seamlessly update, and then automatically restore them in the same form.

In addition to hopes for iOS 9 to remember some very important points when handling the camera. First, the “worst” enemies of the owner of the 16-Gigabyte iPhone are recording video in 4K and Slo-mo and HDR. Secondly, a 12-megapixel photos iPhone 6s occupy much more space than the 5 and 8 megapixel. Try not to “parade”. As highly unlikely to lose.

In addition, you will come to the aid which the popularity of streaming music services. The most famous of those – Apple Music, “Yandex.Music”, Google Play Music. Now you can delete from your iPhone all the music. Streaming services allow you to listen to content without downloading it to your device. Even favorite movies and TV shows you can have without wasting your phone’s memory.

The next tip may seem strange, but it really works. Certainly, from time to time you install applications that seem pretty damn necessary. But don’t forget that by removing them, you will not lose them forever. If the device has not enough memory – get rid of the most demanding. They will be waiting for you in your library of apps in the App Store.

The use of cloud storage will also be of great service, especially if you cherish the free space on the smartphone. If you are not going to pay extra $100 for an additional 48 GB in iPhone, iCloud – your choice. By default Apple offers absolutely free of charge to each user 5 GB in the cloud. And paying $0.99 a month, you will get personal use of as much as 50 GB on remote servers. For $9.99 a month you have a real gift in the form of digital storage with capacity of 1 TB. Of course, given the current rate of $ 10 on a monthly basis may seem significant waste. In this case, you can use several services that offer their services for free. On a can get help from Yandex.Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

And finally, think about the computer that everyone has. Even this dusty table machine will stand you in good stead. Save your photos and videos on the PC’s hard disk and thereby prevent clogging beloved iPhone.

The author sincerely hopes that the manual will help you to save blood $100 and safely use the 16-Gigabyte iPhone. By the way, he feels no special need, having a minimum version.

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