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Rare prototype iPod Classic put on eBay for 6 million rubles

While all the thoughts and desires of the majority of users are concentrated on the flagship Apple devices on eBay for sale, a prototype modification of the old iPod. The device, designated as a “Prototype Apple iPod Classic P95 DVT” belongs to the user under the name Theappleguru. The item description it says that it is a rare engineering sample iPod Classic first generation.

The exposed sample with a storage capacity of 5 GB is practically no different from the serial version of the original iPod – the same metal case, plastic panel, wheel the Click Wheel. But there are still differences. First gadget motherboard is red.

Secondly, on the back of iPod besides the Apple logo is engraved DVT. It stands for “Verification test of the product”. Each new Apple before mass production is a special series of tests. During this phase, the plant produces a limited number of copies of the device that pass the quality control. After completion of the tests the company moves to mass production.

The auctioned prototype iPod is not a “brick” with an unusual motherboard and inscription, and it is a working gadget that lets you listen to music. According to the author of the lot, we are talking about a rare engineering sample of the device that will be able to test its new owner.

The photo shows that the iPod still holds a charge and is fully functional.

View photos on iPod Classic and iPod on this page. The cost of the lot is $99 995, which at the current exchange rate is about 6 million rubles. Shipping to Russia will add to the cost another $ 75.

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