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Rare British sank the ship, trusting the iPad navigation

A UK resident who decided to sell his boat, went to sea together with the potential buyer and by coincidence flooded the ship. Unfortunate sailor used the iPad as a Navigator. At sea he has lost the network signal, and the boat crashed into another vessel.

34-year-old David Carlin ship “Pegotty” inherited. Old boat during the Second world war for a long time was laid up until the British decided to repair it and sell it, according to Medialeaks. When the ship was on the move, the owner found a buyer and decided to hold a test drive. The day was chosen vague.

Navigation equipment on the old boat was not, and set its owner apparently did not intend. This role would-be sailor and his ward trusted iPad.

During the voyage, the device lost the network Navigator stopped working, and, lost in the fog, the men swam in the local canal. To their misfortune, there swam and dvuhsotmetrovy Petunia Seaways freight ferry with a displacement of 32 500 tons, whose size is 1,400 times higher than the “Pegotty”. The court has faced.

The huge ferry sank the boat with one blow to the Board. However, due to the difference of the masses on a cargo ship collision not even feel about the incident and found out only when arrived at the destination in Sweden.

“There was a strong fog, the boat probably was very small. We did not even notice a collision with it, so I just sailed to your destination. For us the incident was a big surprise,” says the assistant captain of the Petunia Seaways.

The captain and the passenger “Pegotty” miraculously managed to survive. Arrived at the scene of the shipwreck rescuers pulled survivors from the water, but the ship could not be saved. The owner of vintage boats fined £ 3,000 for violation of Maritime laws. The same fine was waiting and the captain of the ferry that I learned about it, like everything else, in Sweden.

Boat David Carlin “Pegotty” was used during the Second world war as a training ship of the Royal Navy of great Britain. The Briton said that the ship passed inspection in may 2016, but according to the accident report, the vehicle hasn’t been inspected for 20 years. “Pegotty” did not work no signal light or radar. Even absent devices “paper” navigation on Board. Investigators believe that the man took the risk of swim in the fog, so as not to scare off potential buyers and impress the reliability of the vessel.

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