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Rapper presented the new smart watch Dial

The leader of the group Black Eyed Peas William Adams, known as, presented his vision of smart hours on a concrete example, which received the laconic name Dial. Interestingly, despite the typical appearance (unless the product received is unique), the novelty is presented as a bracelet and not a watch. At the same time functions Puls — typical smartphone.

New smart watch voice activated and running an operating system AneedA, which is also a voice assistant.

Dial built on single-chip platform Qualcomm Snapdragon (model SoC, alas, not specified), equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal flash memory, a curved touchscreen display, various sensors, adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, modem, LTE and a front camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels.

The product has a slot for a SIM card and allows you to make voice calls without the headset, since the built-in speakers. According to the rapper, he tried to achieve this mobility device. Therefore, unlike Apple Watch or Samsung Gear, smart watches Dial does not require binding to the phone.

Smart watch is equipped with app for monitoring motor activity “media”, some of the menu functions, the devices provide quick access to personal pages in social networks, sending text messages, making phone calls and playing music.

The first country will go on sale Dial, will be the UK. The sale of Dial in the retail network of the local operator Three will begin in April. The cost of the device subject to signing a two-year contract will range from £20 to £25 with a monthly subscription fee of £20.

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Note that already have the sad experience of failure with the release of technological products. Last year he presented a smart watch called Puls, which have every reason to be regarded as the worst “smart” clock that has ever appeared on the market. New model Dial, according to the rapper, it will be able to compete with products from Apple and Samsung.

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