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Rapper T-Pain showed the possibilities of the new version of GarageBand for iOS [video]

On Wednesday Apple announced a new addition and a significant upgrade of its family of applications for creating music on iOS. In particular Apple released a significant upgrade of GarageBand, which, according to the company, help people easy to unleash your creativity and create magnificent music anywhere. American rapper faheem Rasheed Najm, better known under the name T-Pain, has demonstrated the possibilities of the new version of music app.

“I recorded my first album in GarageBand and continue to enjoy this app so far,’ said T-Pain, performer and producer, awarded “Grammy”. I do like the new feature of Live Loops in GarageBand helps you to quickly create tracks and beats and even do effects like on a live instrument. This will change the way you create music for a whole generation”.

In the new version of GarageBand 2.1 has been added to the Live Loops is a new, intuitive way to create amazing-sounding music. With Live Loops created on the basis of hardware DJ consoles and drum machines, anyone can create music simply by touching the cells and columns on a visual grid to enable looping of instruments and samples. Magnifiers can perform, arrange and mix live. GarageBand will automatically sync all the beats to achieve the perfect tempo and pitch.

For aspiring musicians in Live Loops have the library ready loops created by Apple: they cover genres such as electronic dance music, hip-hop, dubstep and rock. And you can always create your own loops from scratch.

2.1 GarageBand for iOS also includes a new feature, Drummer with nine electronic and acoustic session drummers playing in their own style, and an extended set of amplifiers for bass players.

Together with the new version of GarageBand, Apple has released a new Music app Memos, in which musicians and songwriters to quickly record, organize, and develop your musical ideas with the iPhone and iPad.

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