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Railways launches app for buying tickets on trains

Russian Railways has announced a new app “Suburb” to buy online tickets of train. By using the service, the user can instantly purchase a ticket by credit card. Apple Pay is not yet supported.

As described in the company, “the Suburbs” lets you instantly buy a ticket for the full price and the child, and also to issue a special receipt on bicycles, animals, hand baggage and other things. Print it is not required — only need to save for your iPhone or Android device.

To pass through the turnstile, the user must bring the barcode ticket on the screen of a gadget to the scanner. The controller will also have the ticket on your smartphone display. But it is noted that the employee may ask for passport or proof of benefits.

The app is regularly updated schedule, so every passenger will always have on hand a current schedule of all trains. There is a purchase history, so you can see the purchase history of all tickets for the month and other information.

Download “the Suburbs” is available for free on iOS and Android. The application works in Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod regions, Republic of Karelia and other regions.

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