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Qualcomm filed a new lawsuit against Apple

Qualcomm has filed another lawsuit against Apple. This time, the company accused Apple of violating the rules of software licensing and use code Qualcomm to help Intel, according to Bloomberg.

According to Qualcomm, Apple has violated the agreement, which describes the interaction of modems Qualcoom with other components of the iPhone. Representatives of Qualcomm also believe that Apple used these data to help Intel with the development of modems for the iPhone.

2016 Apple uses LTE modems from Intel and Qualcomm. According to The Wall Street Journal, in the future Apple will abandon cooperation with Qualcomm. Instead of its components in a future iPhone and iPad models will use the Intel modems and perhaps MediaTek.

In early 2017, Apple filed a lawsuit for $ 1 billion for Qualcomm. Apple accused Qualcomm in anti-competitive behavior in the market, refusal of payment of the refund amount for the transaction and forced to buy products only from her.

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