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Qualcomm: 5G smartphones to hit the market in 2019

According to the CEO of Qualcomm Stephen Maleknia (Steven Mollenkopf), smartphones with support for 5G will be on the market in 2019.

Malenkov noted that the demand for faster standard of Internet access is growing now, and this will spur manufacturers to release new smartphones in the year 2020, as previously thought, but not too late 2019.

“We will see 5G devices on the shelves in 2019. If I were asked about it last year, I would, without hesitation, spoke about the year 2020,” said the CEO of Qualcomm at the International motor show in Frankfurt, Germany.

According to Malenkova, some operators in the United States, Japan and South Korea are ready to launch 5G in 2019. It is likely that over the next year to join them, as providers in China.

“I believe that the pioneers, as usual, will Korea, Japan and the United States. We will see an increase in demand in all these regions, and this means that the number of operators waiting for the opportunity to be the first and leave competitors behind”, — said Malenkov.

Qualcomm is already testing 5G network. In February this year it became known about the joint efforts of the company with Ericsson and Telstra over next generation networks 5G new radio and testing technology in the second half of the current year and in the beginning of 2018. A trial run of the new technology will be based on the Japanese provider NTT DoCoMo and European mobile giant Vodafone.

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