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Quadro: new app to automate actions on your computer

Appeared in the App Store for iPhone and iPad that will allow you to take a fresh look at a familiar device. Quadro the developers call “smart controller” for computers on OS X or Windows.

Quadro enables you to create shortcuts to perform various tasks, run any apps and their functions, configure auto work, search the Internet, manage connections. According to the developers, the app will help to simplify and accelerate compute-intensive tasks, streamline processes on the PC, and also improve the work efficiency.

The tool is designed to speed up processing of video, audio, photos, and design projects; to simplify switching between different tasks: from task Manager, chat, from documents to web browser, etc.; to optimize the search in the network, at the expense of the automation function; to manage software and web applications with a large ready-made presets. The app includes nine categories of action and the intelligent keyboard, and the function of automation involves the execution of a sequence of actions on different platforms and in different applications.

From the description of the Quadro app for iPhone and iPad:

“Create your own control panel to programs and tasks you use most often and customize your own shortcuts. Control built-in programs and web applications with a large number of free presets or go to your plan Premium Quadro and configure all features of the app and its appearance to fit your needs and tastes”.

The Capabilities Of The Quadro:

  • Over 100 built-in presets — manage your favorite applications.
  • Your personal interface — add and remove features as you wish.
  • Customize the appearance of action.
  • Choose a background (color, gradients colors or custom images).
  • Select the size (7 measurements).
  • Choose icons (more than 1600 characters and images are already included).
  • Create new interfaces from scratch for both embedded software and web applications.
  • Organize your tasks — add multiple pages in one interface.
  • Create macros and automate work.
  • Print from your mobile device directly to the computer using the keyboard.
  • Easy printing and text selection with Smart Arrows.
  • Gesture control — launch apps in one motion.
  • Favorites — quick launch of recently used apps.
  • Automatic connection to known computers.
  • Share and install the interfaces by using the links.
  • Long press on the action causes information about it.
  • Connect multiple devices to one computer (Star Trek).
  • Automatic assignment of new action icons.
  • Universal gestures for common commands (copy, paste, undo, redo, etc.).
  • Specially designed sounds of the interface.
  • Power-saving mode.
  • The startup interfaces depending on ON.
  • Create your own actions by choosing from 9 categories of action.
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The Quadro app available for iPhone and iPad and is compatible with computers running OS X and Windows. If you need to speed up the system or to perform calculations more efficiently, then this tool is exactly what you need.

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