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Puzzler Yankai”s Triangle was the free app of the week in the App Store

Every week Apple gives away one free entertaining game or application for iPhone and iPad. This time is a puzzle adventure Yankai”s Triangle, which is to turn the triangles until they are collected into one. The creators of the project have original taste, so the game can cause, meditative trip.

In Yankai”s Triangle just have to smash his head even to those who really loves to solve puzzles. On each level there are triangles. The player’s task is to, changing the position of the component parts, combine them into one big triangle. Simply put, rotation ask the little triangles that were combined into one.

The first levels are quite simple, their passage gives to understand the concept of puzzlers in General. Gradually the pieces become longer, and their structure is more complicated, so you have to spend a little more time, comparing to everywhere all matched.

Each level has multiple solutions, so you can consider this game a little creative. It so happens that some parts have teamed up, and now gamer adds details larger, but they do not converge. In this case you need to return to elements of a smaller size and look for a different solution. The most annoying when there is quite a bit to finish the task, but it is necessary to put all anew.

During the passage Yankai”s Triangle lists the amount of all the moves and adds up the time spent on the levels. At the end appears the figure, it will denote how much time the player spent in the game.

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The graphic style of the game is very original, the colors of the triangles are constantly changing, and the colors from the poisonous to the peaceful shades. On some triangles, and all depicted the eye or smile. The music fits the General atmosphere of the puzzle: the mysterious and gloomy.

Download Yankai”s Triangle from the App Store at this link.

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