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Puzzle Magnetized was the game of the week and available in the App Store for free

Every week, Apple picks the best app in the app Store and makes it free. This time became a fun free puzzle game Magnetized, developed by Zhi-Yo Hong.

Magnetized is an unusual, but very interesting puzzle adventure with pixel graphics and the unique mechanics of action. Playing for a certain color block, you’ve reached the end of the level, clinging to various holders. While moving, gamers need time to press the button that redirects the movement of the cube.

All in the game with 80 exciting levels. The player’s task – to send a small unit through colorful spatial confusion. Ideally, you need to collect three lighted object on the road. The cube moves with the same speed at each level. The only way to interact with him is magnetic nodes scattered around. Touching the screen of your iPhone or iPad, you include the nearest and attract flying object to itself, thereby changing the flight path.

There are three types of nodes, it is essential to learn to identify them by color. Blue sends the unit into orbit around him, rose quickly attracts and the yellow node migrates the objects in the mirror point of the maze. Colorful impact is being introduced sparingly, and if at first you will tear only homogeneous obstacles, but towards the middle of the game progress nodes will begin combined.

The secret of success lies in the reaction rate. The player can survive only activates if the right node at the right moment. Furthermore, it is important to calculate the future trajectory. The box can not crash into the walls.

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The game was very unusual and exciting. Dignity Magnetized – a great, intense action gameplay, surreal world and an atmospheric soundtrack.

In one week from Magnetized for iPhone and iPad will be free. In normal times, the cost of the game is 219 rubles.

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