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Puzzle English – learning English is interesting

English opens a lot of perspectives. Even if you are not going to connect my life with foreign companies or to make the translation, the language is still needed, at least for watching TV series in original. In General — no English anywhere! But if you missed your time training, now it is difficult to recover — not enough time, and motivation is often lost. For such situations, the application you created Puzzle English.

The main plus Puzzle English — the app teaches multiple skills: listening, reading, new words, grammar. This integrated approach helps to expand vocabulary and to better understand the English language.

Training in listening is in video format. As a rule, excerpts from popular movies, sitcoms and talk shows. And clips and commercials. The hero in the video says that you need to collect on the hearing of the puzzles under it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! If you didn’t catch the first time, you can always repeat. And if you really hard to include subtitles in Russian or English. In addition videopanels, there is audiopaste is almost the same, just without video. And if you want a bit of challenge — play, “Mr. Phrases” where you need faster than the other players to be heard the proposal by the first letters of words.

The words themselves learn with the help of a dictionary. Just add the unfamiliar word in the dictionary, and the application will explain its meaning, sound, and even video case study use. To find out what your vocabulary, pass the special test on the words — in the end you will know the approximate amount, which we own. And a lot of interesting new vocabulary.

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Well, where do without grammar! How many years have we puzzled over how to remember the differences between present simple from present continuous, and what to do with irregular verbs. On Puzzle English learn the grammar part easily. The application of more than 500 video tutorials on a variety of topics: parts of speech, verb tenses and so on. The lessons are divided by difficulty, and are accompanied not only by explanation, but also a number of interesting and memorable examples. Also, don’t forget to undergo special training after video to consolidate the material. And if you and that’s not enough, go in “Sideways” — the author blogs about the peculiarities of language by linguists Puzzle English.

For downloading the app do not need to pay, but the free functionality is limited inside the day available 25 phrases. If you have seriously studied the language, I advise you to buy a subscription – annual use Puzzle English will cost about 1.5 thousand rubles. On the background of the price for apps, money, probably a decent – but they give access to this Treasury of knowledge that will help you finally master the language of Byron and Bieber with pleasure.

Download “English Puzzle” for iPhone and iPad here, for Android here.

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