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Putin’s adviser on the Internet said that deanonimizatsiya of the user is inevitable

The main problem of the Internet in Russia today is the reluctance of IT companies to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in other countries. This opinion was expressed by adviser to the President of Russia on development of the Internet Herman Klimenko live VK Live. In his opinion, the first step in the reform of the Russian segment of the Internet will become deanonimizatsiya.

“Google could and would cooperate with our police force, if for it in the legal sense requests of our MIA would have at least some value,” said Herman Klimenko.

The problem of lack of interaction with the authorities concerns not only foreign IT giants working in Russia, but also domestic services, offering their services abroad.

If a dealer in the US will get the mail “Yandex”, I do not understand how “Yandex” will respond to NSA requests,” — said Klimenko.

In the opinion of the Advisor, the first step in the reform of the Russian segment of the Internet will become inevitable deanonimizatsiya, said Mos News.

“I think that the first way, which we will go is deanonimizatsiya of the Internet. It is inevitable in a normal regime”, — said Klimenko.

It is assumed that the identity of the Internet user will be using a passport, social security number or other documents. The timing of the initiative Klimenko was not called.

“When that happens — I don’t know. That is, it may be a year, two, three, five, but it is an inevitable process,” — said the presidential adviser.

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