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Putin’s adviser on the Internet promised forever to get away from Facebook in “Vkontakte”

Facebook on Wednesday blocked the website of the adviser of President Putin on the development of the Internet of Herman Klimenko. About this he wrote on his page in “Vkontakte”. Klimenko said that he intends to abandon the use of Facebook and completely switch to Russian social network.

According to the information on the screenshots in the message Klimenko, Facebook blocked its access to publishing for 3 days. If you continue posting content that violates someone else’s rights or laws, access to post content or account can be blocked permanently, the social network.

“FB banned me and turn in “Vkontakte”. Please inform friends in FB,” wrote Klimenko.

In conversation with TV channel Life Klimenko said that from now on his official active page will be considered as a verified account in Russian social network “Vkontakte”.

“I now turn in “Vkontakte”. he said. – Advisor to the President should have an official page in Russian social network”.

German Klimenko said that the reason for blocking was the repeated complaint of the blogger elder of hankishieva for copyright infringement. Facebook does not understand the merits of such case, it automatically locks the account in case of repeated “violations”.

“When I unlock, I write in Facebook, the text will thank the Elder for what he helped me make the right decision, and leave a link to the account “Vkontakte””, – said Klimenko.

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