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Putin has signed the decree about creation in Russia fenced Internet

Vladimir Putin instructed the FSO to ensure the establishment of a protected segment of the Internet. The details of this decree published on the official portal of legal information in Russia.

According to this decree, part of a chain, which is now administered by the FSO must be transformed into the Russian state segment of the Internet. He will be encrypting network communications. Working through it will help to protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Work through hasselman will be mandatory for employees of the presidential administration, the government office, the Investigative Committee, the Executive authorities. All these agencies will need to connect their information network to gesegnete until the end of 2017.

The document also contains a recommendation for the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s office to work through gesegnet Network. To connect all of the agencies entrusted with FSO, reports “Interfax”.

FSO has prepared a draft decree on the establishment of gesegnete in autumn 2013. But then, the initiative has not received development. The President signed today the decree differs from the original version. Initially it was assumed that gesegnetes will be able to use a commercial company, but as a result this item was removed from the final version of the decree.

In the Ministry of communications and “Rostelecom” from commenting on the decree of Putin refused. Meanwhile, former official of the Ministry of communications is perplexed on the decision. “The idea to create a protected segment inside of the Internet looks contradictory, the Internet is an open network, but if you want to create a secure network for government agencies, this should be done separately from the Internet. If we are talking just about the protection of existing networks, it and so it was necessary to provide”.

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