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Putin aide: to separate the Russian Internet from the outside world we won’t, but slow down access to sites it is possible

Russian segment of the Internet will not be separated from the global network, the administration takes measures for the protection of the Runet in case of external influence on him. In an interview with RBC said the presidential aide Igor Shchegolev.

“We have no problem to make the Internet was offline so we were disconnected from the outside world. In the case of targeted external influence which will not be infinite and will last for some time, inside our Internet should remain operational. This is the task. And disable the country from the Internet in General, and that all occurred only within us, there is no problem”, he said.

According to Shchegolev, the threat of Runet exists, and it is not hypothetical, it is practical. “They were teaching, they showed on a technical level that it exists (…) This show and the events of recent years, when the whole country suddenly for a few days disconnected from the Internet. There was a case of North Korea, was the case of Syria. There is evidence that, at least in one of these cases this was the result of deliberate action,” said assistant to the President.

Currently, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Corporation for assigned names and IP addresses) koordiniruyutsya a non-profit Corporation registered in California.

“Now this is a kind of Autonomous or non-profit organization that just works on American law. And American officials can say “We here at anything. Go to court in California to plead with these guys,” — said Shchegolev. In respect of changes in the governance of ICANN Russia, he said, is “to continue the discussion, to agree”.

Slowing down access to sites

According to Igor Shchegolev, the possible slowing access to websites of companies that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation, will be able to “sober up” the global Internet giants.

“If one of the measures is considered possible and advisable a traffic slowdown, it may be sobering global giants who are trying to abuse their monopoly position on the market, and not in a hurry to fulfill the decision of the Russian authorities,” – said Shchegolev.

According to the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, to date, “no country in the world has not found adequate methods for rapid and effective dialogue with the major Internet companies”. “Of course, we have the search tools, how to convince them to comply with Russian legislation, the decisions of our government and courts. Just in the dialogue to convince them not” – he said, noting that the complete blocking of sites offenders is “too radical.”

Slowing access to sites offenders have a negative impact on services, Schegolev believes. “Users will have the opportunity to work with the similar services of Russian companies”, – he added.

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