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Putin aide: Russia may be disconnected from the global Internet

Russia should be prepared for the fact that it “disconnect from the world of the Internet.” This was stated on Thursday, Putin’s adviser on the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko. He is sure that there is a high probability of deteriorating relations with the West.

“It is highly probable tectonic shifts in our relations with the West to the downside,” said Klimenko in an interview with RT, explaining the need for the law on the regulation of Runet.

His prognosis, he explained the necessity of the law on the regulation of Runet. He recalled that Apple, Google and Microsoft were able to disable the Crimea from their services, and residing in the Crimea, the registrants have lost their achievements.

Klymenko pointed to facing the Russian IT-specialists the task of regulation of the Russian segment of the Internet to protect against such scenarios.

“It is important that Russia continued to work e-mail, Telegraph, telephone, social networks. Critical infrastructure, including a copy of the domain zone that needs to be on our territory so nobody could turn off. Regulation of normal users, this law does not affect”,— said Klimenko.

Informed the security Council of Russia has prepared a draft new strategy of information society development for the years 2017-2030. The authorities propose to oblige foreign companies providing services in this sphere in Russia, create joint ventures with local market participants and conduct all payments through the domestic system. In addition, it is planned to strengthen the legal regulation of the media, Internet television, news aggregators, social networks and messengers, as well as to take control and continuous monitoring of all communication networks in the country.

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