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Punch Club – in the spirit of old school

If you keep up with events at Twitch, we must be heard about the Orgy going on around the launch of Punch Club: authors live through the game, focusing on the users ‘ vote – as they say, so be it. The thing is that the release was directly dependent on the passage – as soon as the collective unconscious, the game will finish, so it will appear on Steam. Risky venture could last for a couple of mon ths, but nothing happened – Punch Club finished in two days, she was released on Steam on January 9 and later and on iOS. It’s time to tell the Manager, St. Petersburg made by independent developers.

On the mechanics of Punch Club is reminiscent of the production strategy in the spirit of Game Dev Story – adjusted for the specifics of the Boxing genre and atmosphere of the 80s. Your swapped ward followed in the footsteps of the father – pounding on a punching bag, and in the future – according to somebody’s face. The first third of the Punch Club – it zigzags around the gym, Amateur fights, butcher and construction of the pit, where your character works. Money forever is not enough, the settings, as if borrowed from The Sims, is constantly at zero, the fridge is empty – even in the trash go (by the way, go).

The authors Punch Club know that progress has always followed the regression, which is not shy to remind you – with the arrival of a new day power skills your fighter fall; in professional language this is called “livnot”. Thus the game sets the right tempo – just got, slept, ate, blown, pump, sleep… the vicious circle can be broken only by contacting the right people – and then Punch Club gets surprisingly gracefully from the web, in which it appears.

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The game is not only the story, but “events” sooner or later, your performances in the ring will notice the local bigwigs and will be in touch. Working on the bandits, then the holders of ancient treasures, the devil knows who, you are surprised to find out that I have not visited the site, food at the store in bulk, and bus travel no longer seems so wasteful idea. From this point on Punch Club will cease to pretend to be a strategy, and begin to unload the imagination of local writer: the artifacts, the mafia, travel to Siberia, crocodiles ninja turtles in the sewers (guess, what to eat) and so on and so forth. This abrupt change of course a bit daunting, but the game will end faster than you will start to resent and perhaps correct.

The fight Club auto Punch in – between rounds is allowed to change the clip used techniques, but no more. As in life, the winner here is not found in the ring and beyond: in the kitchen, in the gym, in the menu. If you consistently receive a blow from another upstart, change tactics, tighten up weaknesses, take a breath, in the end – the Punch Club, guests can enjoy a drink with friends, to flirt with a girl, or to stroke the cat. Maybe this is how it looks behind-the-scenes life of the talented fighter.

Choosing as the place of action of the most influenced mass media era, St. Petersburg programmers were heading for cross-cultural citation; Hotline: Miami one. And really – apart from these reptiles, and Tyler is offering “break free from the husk” in the house of the hero hangs the portrait of the future Governor of California, and your Manager is tightly linked with the mysteries of Asian martial arts. In General, a mixture of all, and a lot of, but it looks somehow organically: the ‘ 80s.

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Punch Club will cost 279 rubles and, thanks to computer origin, the money inside will not require is usually a mobile game that sort of work on another, well you are aware of the scheme. Here, of course, the question is – is it worth it. Perhaps, Yes – not only that, it’s just a great Manager, perfect fit in small mobile session, it is also a response to the popular for several years – “but that on the phones only here it’s shareware, Yes?”. No, and Punch Club proves it. And prove to you – because if the game fails, the next project of Spartak for sure will be sold on a different financial scheme.

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