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Published the results of a study of the audience of Telegram in Russia

In late may, the author of the SMM channel in the Telegram began the study of the audience of Telegram in Russia. By the end of June the study was completed. Surveyed 20 thousand users messenger.

In may 2017, the messenger consisted of seven million users in Russia. The survey involved 20 thousand people. This is not the whole Telegram, but it is currently the world’s largest data Bank, and the respondents reflect the core of active users Telegram.

There is speculation that the messenger used mostly men, but this study refutes this hypothesis. 77% of the audience are people from 18 to 34. Minors in the sample did not and 10%.

The majority of respondents described themselves as “skilled experts”. 22% of the surveyed students, 65% are professionals or managers of different levels. 57% of respondents have completed higher education.

The respondents are addicted to IT and art (music, cinema, literature), they are also interested in politics, news and humor. The least popular interests, religion and TV.

The survey was distributed in Russia through channels, private messages and chats, but only 80% of respondents were from Russia, 10% live in the Ukraine, the other 10% live in a hundred different countries.

Messenger most popular in the Central Federal district (46%). From regions dominated by Moscow (36%), followed by Saint Petersburg (14.4%) and with a significant gap between Moscow oblast and the city of millionaires.

Almost 60% of users come from Android, 40% iOS. Unofficial Telegram clients for uses less than 4% of respondents.

20% of respondents use the web version of Telegram, 36% use apps on Mac, and 12% on Windows.

More than 90% of interviewed subscribed to the channels in the Telegram. It would be strange not to find among the participants of the survey of subscribers of the channels, given that it is spread through the channels. Almost 90% use Telegram for personal correspondence. Most of the respondents have up to ten contacts in a Telegram. More than 50 contacts only 24% of respondents.

70% of respondents use Facebook, 56% Of WhatsApp, and 30% — Viber. Only 30% of those surveyed use Facebook.

Source: VC

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