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Published the first screenshots of the interface Fuchsia – new competitor iOS from Google

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. The market share of Google is over 80% and every year continues to grow. Except iOS, which has a number of very specific constraints, Android is simply no competition.

More interesting to know that Google is developing a new OS codenamed Fuchsia. This operating system is open source, which, unlike Android, does not use the Linux kernel. Instead, it uses a microkernel Magenta.

At the moment there is no official announcement by Google regarding Fuchsia, but in documents to Magenta can you find a description under which – focused on modern smartphones and computers. It is known that the interface and software for this OS are written with the use of Flutter SDK package, creating cross-platform code that works on Android and on iOS. This uses the language of the Dart (aka — Sky).

On images and video you can see the interface of the new OS, which also has its own name Armadillo. As you can see Fuchsia is focused on smartphones and tablets. The interface is a card that simplifies the management of different applications. Armadillo allows you to move different cards for use in split screen or in tabs.

Rather, we have before us a newly-born competitor to iOS and future replacement for Android. Moreover, given the characteristics, it is possible that applications for “guglofonov” will be able to work in the environment of Fuchsia, this means that the transition will be very smooth.

Nevertheless expected launch of the new operating system of Google in the next couple of years is not worth it.

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